Since announcing her transition into motherhood via sultry baby-bump twitter picture, Amber Rose has once again grabbed our attention. The model and soon-to-be wife of rapper Wiz Khalifa has always stunned fans (and foes) with her curvy physique and remarkably toned figure.

It comes to no surprise that as she pushes into her sixth month of pregnancy with a confirmed baby boy (also known as the Wiz Bud) she’s taking every advantage of her pregnancy to stay fly, stylish and in shape.

You don’t have to be on Amber Rose status to look good and feel good during your pregnancy. Here are five important health and fitness tips to follow while you’re expecting:

  1. Folic Acid – Taking at least 400 micrograms (.4 milligrams) daily of the B vitamin folic acid (often found in your prenatal supplements) is important for expecting moms to prevent birth defects like spina bifida — an incomplete closure of the spinal cord and spinal column. Speak with your doctor about your daily folic acid intake and whether you’ll need to take folic acid supplement in addition to your daily prenatal vitamins.
  2. Diet – You may be eating for two but you don’t have to go overboard. The average pregnant woman only needs to consume 300 calories more per day while expecting. Excessive weight gain can lead to potentially pregnancy complications.
  3. Daily Exercise – Engage in mild to moderate exercise each day to promote blood circulation, maintain strong bones and a healthy body. Avoid crunches and stick to routines like walking, yoga and swimming.
  4. Rest – We don’t have to mention this twice. Exhaustion for pregnant moms is inevitable. Care for your body and get plenty of sleep and rest when you can. You’ll need it after the baby arrives.

What health and fitness tips helped you during your pregnancy?

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