There are times when you just can’t resist the urge. We’ve all got them. That late-night run to McDonalds for those oh so delicious fries. Or those heat-and-eat pizza rolls we conveniently grabbed at the grocery store for the kids that somehow ended up being our mid-afternoon snack.

Our love of processed foods aren’t just a guilty pleasure … they can often be a downright addiction.

But there is a better way to get on the road to eating cleaner, getting more energy and straying away from these foods that are typically high in sodium, nitrates, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and other chemicals that would make you blush if you really knew how they affect your health.

Breaking up an addiction with processed foods doesn’t require rehab, just a change in habits. And though the road may be a little tough, there are a few easy ways you can ditch the process junk and get on the road to eating clean.

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