Harping on your weight is stressing you out.

Let’s say you have packed on a few pounds since the relationship began and you’ve been trying to slim down. If your partner is constantly bombarding you with criticism about your weight, it can actually make things worse. While he may feel like his suggestions are mere subtle reminders to get fit, continuously commenting about your weight could backfire, causing your stress levels to surge and prompt your body to release cortisol (the “stress hormone”) which often leads to weight gain.

Getting fit can be tough, and that process can be even more difficult if your partner isn’t supporting you in the ways in which you need him to. Instead of getting upset and allowing his misguided words to push you into the comforting embrace of a red velvet cupcake, have a talk with your man and let him know how his comments make you feel.

Hopefully, he’ll change his tune and offer encouragement that reminds you he’s on your team, but if not, here’s a quick way to drop a few pounds overnight: get rid of him.

What would you do if you were in Kim Kardashian’s shoes? Would you lose weight or ditch Kanye? 


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