With reports claiming that, due to overpopulation, most people will be forced to eat vegetarian by 2050, it seems like more people are CHOOSING to take a look at plant-based diets.

Radar Online reports that multi-platinum singer Usher has transitioned to a plant-based diet. The 33-year-old superstar wants to maintain his physique as he ages, but more importantly, Usher’s diet requires the proper attention to food in order to maintain the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

“Usher frequents a few vegan restaurants in New York City and not only loves the food, but feels like it’s the healthiest way to live,” the source told the site. “He’s desperate to get Bieber on the same health kick he is and thinks with all the touring and busy schedule he has, it would keep him energized.”

Convincing Justin Bieber to embrace a healthy diet is a task in itself, so maybe the best way to show how beneficial something can be is by doing it yourself.

This news comes on the heels of Houston Texans running back Arian Foster committing to veganism a few months ago. So far, so good for Foster, who debuted as vegan football star with over a hundred yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns.

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  1. Usher is a vegan, yeah right I’ll believe it when he appears in one of those god awful Peta ads

  2. Quandetta Banks Etheridge

    well tell him to create programs and give to the poor and needy, then let others follow that…who cares abt his diet

  3. i for one think it’s great that he’s going vegan. yay!

    it’s good when a prominent young black man like him does something like this.

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