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While it’s fun and exciting to experiment with different raw food snacks. It’s even better to learn how to make them yourself. When you’re at your favorite health food store, jot down the name of the item you’re in love with and when you get home find a recipe that closely resembles what you saw at the store. Try it. If it turns out delicious, you’ve saved yourself a pocketful of money. If it doesn’t quite taste the way you wished, don’t be afraid to try another recipe online.

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  1. Thank you India for this article. Here are some additional ideas. Those pre-made raw items and specialty items can for sure be pricey. I don’t rely on them for every day. Add items to your pantry gradually.

    I heartily second the notion of making them your self. Experiment, experiment, experiment until you find what works and tastes best for you.

    And remember that by feeding yourself right you can save money on expensive supplements, medications, cosmetics etc. Invest in yourself!!

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