Between friends, family, magazines and so called ‘experts’ it’s hard for one to decipher what information would be most beneficial on their weight loss journey. Everyone who has lost more than two pounds seems to know what’s best when it comes to eating, working out and staying fit.

But all advice isn’t good advice. I’ve had people tell me to drink warm lemon water and cayenne pepper every morning to keep my metabolism going, where a garbage bag while I worked out so that I would sweat more and burn more calories and then there is the blasphemy that carbs are the devil.

How could a cheddar biscuit ever be wrong?

I think, however, the best piece of advice that I’ve ever been given is something because it has never steered me wrong.

What is it? Never. Give. Up.

Why has this simple piece of advice been my everything because, I, like many people, get dismayed when the scale doesn’t change fast enough or when eating nothing but veggies for two weeks has me ready to eat my own arm. I fall off the wagon and have one (okay two … three) of those cheddar biscuits and feel like such a failure.

I’ve lost weight and gained it back, but what keeps me picking myself up and trying again is that an old personal trainer once told me to never give up. It’s hard to stay on the healthy track and you will fall off a time or two.

That’s ok, take a break, but never give up. Once you’ve had that bottle of soda, missed that week in the gym or eaten that biscuit, relish in the memory of it and start again the next day. Never see the slip as a reason to throw it all in, use it as a reason to fight harder.

This time you slipped at week three, next go round you may slip at week 4 … progress, next go round try and hold out until week six. The point is to keep going, and so far, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

What’s the best piece of fitness advice you’ve received or given? How did it help you?

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  1. “#’s don’t lie.”

  2. Best advice was: Eat when you’re hungry, not just because the food is there. As soon as you feel full, stop eating.
    I’ve never had a weight problem, always been slim. (BTW, this is how babies eat. You rarely see an overweight infant).

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