Finish this sentence: “I choose to be fit because … ”

For me, my “reason to be fit” started as a way to deal with my past as a sexual assault victim. After a protracted court case and my ex-boyfriend was convicted and finally sent to prison, I distinctly remember being in the gym and pounding out set after set of heavy weights. As I bobbled a too-heavy chest press bar over my head, a male friend stopped me from braining myself and said, “Stop! Why are you doing this?!”

My answer surprised me as much as it did him. “Because I never want to be weak again!” And I burst into tears. Trying to heal myself from the outside in didn’t exactly work as I’d planned but it did give me a powerful push into fitness and a passion that still burns as bright in me today as it did eight years ago. (Yep – I have not always been into health and fitness! My degrees are in Psychology, Computer Information Systems and Education.

I went from Super Nerd to Super Fit Nerd — not a huge leap actually …) And while I no longer credit my past as my primary reason to stay fit, I still have lots of Reasons:

  • To be a good example to my kids (by showing them moderation, not extremity!)
  • To live longer and to make those extra years healthier so I can travel the world (as soon as my kids get old enough to carry their own suitcases and I get rich enough to buy plane tickets – a girl can dream!)
  • To stay mentally sharp and happy
  • To try new things (like hula hoops! And trapeze classes! And being a backup dancer in a hip hop video!)

What are your reasons to stay fit?! Complete the sentence “I choose to be fit because … ”

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  1. I want to live past 90

  2. Honestly, I hate having to be fit. I wish I could just eat what I want and never workout and just be fit.I love food. It taste so good. Why does it have make us fat 🙁

  3. I’ve always chosen to be fit. I like the feeling I get when I do something physical. But I’ve had to up the ante since an assault like yours caused me to develop a wicked case of the PTSD and the pills that keep my head from flying off began to mess with my vital numbers.

    I eat more carefully now and am more active, and the feeling I get from being able to do more than other people I know is a rush that I do not plan on giving up.

  4. To age gracefully and beautifully and to prevent/minimize the effects od aging
    To have stronger bones and renewed cells.
    To reduce and relieve stress and keep the blues at bay and confidence up
    To build and maintain positive self esteem, body image.
    To be an inspiration fpr others

  5. -I want to feel good about myself
    -I want to have the energy to enjoy life
    -I want to take care of body, so I can age gracefully
    -I want to set an example for my future children
    -I want to be happy

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