Basketball Wife star Laura Govan is no stranger to cameras. As one of the more rambunctious stars of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA, she was often seen in heated arguments and sometimes physical altercations with co-stars Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie, and Draya Michele. But by time the reunion show aired, we encountered a much more subdued woman, sporting a 23-carat ring from her fiancée Gilbert Arenas and boasting about being a mother to her four children.

It’s clear that with the new season of BBWLA which aired yesterday, Govan has stareted focusing on other goals. She’s since toned down her attitude, and toned up her physique, dropping an astonishing 90 pounds.

She told Uptown magazine,

“Well, naturally I was 117 pounds. Within three months of delivering my first child, I was back to my natural size. As I’ve had more and more children the weight stayed on. I had to change my mind first. I had to make up my mind that I wanted to lose weight, but I still ate like I was pregnant. Once I finally made up my mind, I took those goals and I ran with them.”

And running she did, Govan also dished about her diet and fitness routine,

“I am an athlete. I play basketball and trained at every level. I had to learn to work out with my children. I changed my diet. I changed who I was and it just came off. You really have to change your mind and attitude and everything else will follow. I enjoy working out.”

It’s clear she’s changed her mindset, because her body is sick! What do you think?

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  1. You can’t hate on someone’s happiness. If she’s happy, I’m happy for her, but on a clip for the upcoming season of BBW LA, they showed her once (I’m thinking sans makeup) and her face looked old. Typically if you lose weight the right way (eating clean and exercising) not only does your waistline improve but so does your overall health including your skin. For the sake of her health, I do hope that she lost it the right way. She looks great in that pic though.

  2. She was beautiful before the weight loss and she is still lovely and most importantly more active and healthy. Congrats to her!

  3. She’s unattractive, but she seems like a good person…

  4. I like that her weight loss may be linked to a toned-down attitude!! Sometimes it can be that self-esteem that is low that makes these women act as they do.

  5. If folk had a little help, like a lapband or things of nature then I don;t think that is a bad thing esp if they needed that intinally but you have to chnage your lifestyle and eating habits if you hope to maintain.

  6. well i’m a women who is all for being healthy but in laura case it just don’t look good. the weight lost makes her look really sick. I think that is whats really going on with her. look at her face it’s all sucked in, she look like she had a little shape before the weight lost. now she’s shape straight up and down. it just don’t look good or healthy. when I see her on basketball wives of L.A I’m like oh my god what happen to laura. I hope at the end of the day that she’s ok for her and her family.

  7. @foxbullock I lost 60 pounds, and I see the discouraging words ppl like you say about those that have found healthy eating habits and they’re happy with the healthier them. It’s ppl like you that sound stupid, cause this non cancerous risk, healthy, toned woman, looks far from sick. Start excersing more empowering words, your body, and mind. Let’s encourage our women and children to eat and be healthier and continue to encourage them afterwards. All in all don’t hate she looks good, just like I laughed I’m for sure she would too cause it’s nothing like knowing you look darn good and you are darn good on the inside!

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