Picture it. You wake up after only getting 4 hours sleep the night before, you but on your best outfit, grab some Starbucks and put on your best game face for the day. On your way out you spot a great looking guy or girl, there’s eye contact and you’re fully expecting them to say hi, I mean you are looking good if you must say so yourself, but they don’t. Instead they just walk on by leaving you thoroughly confused.

Well according to a new study there is absolutely nothing to be confused about, that good looking person that just passed you by saw the sleepless night written all over your face and was simply turned off.

Researchers from the Medical Institutet Karolinska in Stockholm, Sweden have shown in a recent study that lack of sleep not only affects our attractiveness but also our approachability. According to the research if you’re lacking sleep, your potential partner is going to pick up on it … Individuals tested in the experiment slept either four hours or not at all, and appeared to others as equally exhausted. But beyond appearance, the study reveals that lack of sleep repels those you meet or socialize with.

In 2010, the same scientific team published the results of its first experiment, which has shown that even though we are not conscious about it we are generally able to detect if other people have been sleep deprived.

According to Dr. John Axelsson the results of both studies are pretty much the same:

“Our first experiment has shown that people are perceived differently when they have been deprived of sleep, the second one shows that on top of that people just don’t want to socialize with sleep-deprived people.”

So could all that midnight oil burning and grinding be the reason why you’re eating lonely man dinners each night? Personally I think the link between the two is a bit of a stretch. If lack of sleep repels people, then how are couples who have been married for decades still together? I’m sure they’ve seen many a sleepless night raising a family, but some how the flames of love are still there. But hey, if you’re looking to stack the odds of love in your favor make sure you get your beauty sleep so you can look and feel your best when that special someone comes along. Every bit helps!

Do you agree with the study’s findings?


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  1. yes, absolutely, 100%. this thing always happens where I get ready in my sleepy state, thinking I look good enough to fool the world, get to work and take a look in the mirror and I’m like OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED. not to mention the dark circles under the eyes.

  2. This article is very True.

  3. LOL this article is the story of my life.

    I’m so sleep deprived that I look like two different people when I’m sleepy and when I’m rested. The attention I get is polarized also…sleep deprived = no attention and/or non verbal rejection…well rested = lots of smiles, random conversations, guys hitting on me, people being nice..etc…etc…It does mess with your mind and self esteem after awhile…

    at the end of the day though, I’m trying to get better rest for my health (higher risk of heart disease)..getting a cute guy’s attention is just the icing on the cake

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