With a little spice and a lot of flexibility, these workout moves could increase your sex life exponentially.

  1. Pole Dancing – Ok, this should be obvious, but if your local gym has a pole dancing class — that is actually teaching you how to slide up and down a pole, flip upside down, and the such — you should probably join it. Chances are this is probably a titillating workout, which will give your sex life the extra umph it needs. I’ve done them, and they’re in a word, amazing — and hard!
  2. Acrobatics – When you were younger, did you ever dream of becoming a gymnast? Well, even if you didn’t, you can’t help but be amazed every time you witness someone who has studied acrobatics move across the floor. Your body literally glides, and it will in the bedroom too!
  3. Salsa – Are we seeing a pattern here? Most routines that require you to move/shake/wiggle your hips will not only slice off pieces of fat, but also help with flexibility, strength, and endurance. Not to mention, you can learn some great moves to some fun music!
  4. Zumba – Another dance phenomenon, Zumba, is a fast pace aerobic workout that will have you jumping, kicking, and sweating your way to a sexier body.
  5. Naked Yoga – Ok. Not everyone is going to get down with the naked yoga. I get it. It’s quite normal to be a little skeptical of having someone’s butt square in your face while in downward dog. So, though this may not be for everyone, just keep in mind, it’s a way to become comfortable with your body. It also truly immerses you in your sexuality. It may be worth a try.
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