Written by Agatha M. and Calvin L. Thrash, this tag-team guide to vegetarian nutrition is beyond useful. While it does not outright recommend an all-live consumption plan, it provides a scientific, nutritional foundation for both vegan and live foods diets.

This read, also short and sweet, will give any reader the information they seek about transitioning into a vegan lifestyle.

With chapters on metabolism, protein, carbohydrates and even a vegetarian diets for children, Nutrition for Vegetarians is useful for anyone looking to know more about how the body interacts with various foods. What makes it even better, both Agatha and Calvin are medical doctors. So, even if you’re not a vegetarian, vegan or live foodist, you’ll find this read helpful and necessary.

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  1. I love Arnold Ehret!! The Mucusless Diet Healing System is a must read and his other books, incl. Rational Fasting, are great, too.

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