Although it may not be one of the most exciting exercises, and something you probably haven’t done since you were a kid, jump roping still has several benefits.

For example, you can lose one pound a week just by jumping rope for thirty minutes a day. Jump roping also increases your cardiovascular fitness and helps tone muscle.

To help get you started back in the flow check out my top three songs to get your jump rope on.

LMFAO: Sexy and I Know It

The group might be a bit strange with their loud outfits and mascots, still we can’t help but get hype whenever this song comes on. You’ll love jumping to this because you “work out!”

Beyoncé: Move Your Body

It was no surprise when Beyoncé and First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up last year to remix Beyoncé’s hit “Get Me Body” to make it even more fit friendly. With Beyoncé as your guide, you’ll certainly be moving your body.

Kanye West: Stronger

Our favorite confident rapper seems to do no wrong when it comes to music and he scored huge with one of his biggest hits “Stronger.” The motivational song will have you going above and beyond your goal of jump roping.

Happy Jumping!

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