Talk about bad timing …

Female weightlifter Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero has an unfortunate ‘accident’ while performing at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

So sorry for her.


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  1. I wonder what happened to my earlier comment which was; why is this post here? I thought this site was about empowering women to be healthier. So why are you making fun of and trying to shame a woman who is a world class athlete? She’s an Olympian and has nothing to be ashamed of, even if the editors at this site think she does.

    • @Val: I think you’re a little uptight. No one seems to have made fun of her in the article. It happens. I snickered mainly because I have vomited while power lighting.

  2. it happens….i dont see this as making fun of her… actually shows that these elite athletes go through the struggles we all go through….i know when im on my second or third wind while working out ive almost peed on myself…

  3. I have to say this “exclusive” is in piss poor taste, if you pardon the expression.

    This is just so typical, make fun of someone who suffers a mishap yeah very amusing


  4. actually it is pretty damn funny!!!! And it’s on video forever this will be part of many epic fail videos of the future. Besides she shouldn’t feel bad another women Olympic lifter crapped herself then smeared it!! I have to say that was funnier than the pee one. S*&^ happens or Piss happens

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