Have you heard of “gaydar?” It’s common homophobic term used by heterosexuals to detect whether or not a person is part of the LGBTQ crowd. Living in Atlanta, the unfairly dubbed unofficial capital of the down-low black man, I know women who feel they always need an updated version of “gaydar.”

Well research has caught up to this gaydar idea and fleshed out another way to detect gayness. A new study found that pupil dilation is an accurate indicator of sexual attraction, and since it’s involuntary, it could be used to determine what gender a person is attracted to.

A Cornell University study published this month in the journal PloS ONE analyzed the pupil dilation of 325 men and women who were faced with sexually arousing images.

Researchers say that we have no control over our eyes when faced with an attractive image, creating an easy way for creepy people who love to eye joust to see if you’re attracted to them.

Pupils were found to widen most when study participants watched erotic videos of people they found attractive, thereby revealing where they were on the sexual spectrum from heterosexual to homosexual.

Lead author Gerulf Rieger said the study was less “invasive” than others because it did not try to find out if people got sexually aroused by the images. Physically. He states:

We wanted to find an alternative measure that would be an automatic indication of sexual orientation but without being as invasive as previous measures. Pupillary responses are exactly that.

It looks like our eyes never lie and are the key to our inner most desires.

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  1. I’m on my way to Chick-Fil-a’s corporate offices to do my own research today.– Now was that really necessary? smh..:))

    The eyes never lie whenever you can catch people off guard. Don’t give them time to prepare.

  2. I’m glad science is backing up what I have always used as a barometer for being an undercover gay. I’m far from a gay basher but I had to employ this tactic due to many black men who have/tried to pursue me while not disclosing their sexuality to me. I could give a rats a$$ if you are gay but I have a right to use sexual discretion; I do not have sex with men who have sex with men (mswm) the clinical term used in health agencies.

    So this is very important. Also for women who still use the very generic and erroneous flamboyant appearance to see if a man is gay should pop in gay porno. Gay porn will take the mystery out of gay sex out. And you will see all types of men having sex with each other.

    • Undercover guys seem to really like me also. Last guy would get nervous when I called him out on being so mean about gay men. He would always seem so angry with them.

      And he supposedly would be spending time with his brothers rather than with me. I was like really?

      They seem to go for women that are insecure, accepting of people. Have a bunch of stuff going, like issues, or just naive.

      I have gay friends and he always seemed uncomfortable with that probably because if they come around, they would tell me, girl he is gay!

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