It’s time to talk about losing the baby weight. No, not because I’m feeling overly anxious about it – I’m too busy being anxious about being anxious! – but because I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails about it. Being officially The Nicest People on the Internet, none of you readers have been pressuring me but rather just wondering if I’ve found anything that works. Weight loss being the crapshoot that it is once you mix in genetics, socioeconomic status, general health, age and a host of other factors, nonetheless I have found a few tips that genuinely seem to make a difference. So far. (Please note I am only 10 days post partum and will not even come within five feet of my box of “normal” clothes yet.)

1. Have the baby. Okay, so that was a liiiiitle tongue-in-cheek but seriously when else in your life can you say, “I just lost 15 pounds in ONE DAY. Take THAT Jillian!”? Word. Okay, from here on out, I’m serious. I swear.

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