In the latest edition of “throw a big girl a bone” news, a new study recently released by researchers from the University of Westminster in London has found that our tanking economy is actually good news for plus-size women. Apparently when men are stressed, they seem to be attracted to chubbier women, making this prime time for big girls to catch themselves a good man. *Insert sarcasm here*

The study, lead by Viren Swami, rounded up 81 young men whose ages ranged from 18 to 42 and raised the stress levels of 41 of the men by having them do some tough math and to participate in a simulated job interview — a situation that has been proven to significantly increase tension and anxiety, while the rest of the group got to relax in a quiet room. Afterwards, all of the participants were shown 10 photos of women whose weight ranged from emaciated to obese and were then asked to rate the attractiveness of the women on a scale of 1 to 10.

According to Swami:

“Our results showed that men who were stressed rated female body sizes at higher BMI categories as more attractive than their control group counterparts. That is, men in the [stressed] condition rated women of normal weight, overweight, and partially, at least, obese BMI categories as more attractive than the control group.”

However, few are shocked by the results of the study because men running to the arms of chubby women is apparently ingrained in our history. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, a research professor and member of the Center for Human Evolution Studies in the department of anthropology at Rutgers University, says what we’re seeing in the study is “the result of man’s early struggles to survive.” Fisher says:

“It certainly would have been adaptive for ancestral man to have a chubby wife during stressful times of famine. Not only would she have had more calories to burn, and thus more energy and endurance, but since fat stores estrogen, she would have remained fertile for longer.”

Guess big women everywhere better burn those calories and snatch them a man now before the economy bounces back and they’re back to being unattractive again. Really? Is this study really suggesting big women are only attractive in times of trouble because they can cook and breed?

Do you agree with the study results?


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  1. I would have assumed it was a comfort thing.. like wanting a extra fluffy pillow.

  2. I don’t know if it is a preference as much as it is settling because they believe a chubbier woman will be willing to settle and are more accepting of their financial woes than a woman that is in shape and is perceived to have more options to choose from in men

  3. But it it were a time of famine, thus not having enough food… I would think she wouldn’t be “chubby for long.”

  4. This is funny but I can see a bigger woman looking more comfortable and being more patient. But if you like big women there’s no need to make excuses

  5. I think men are attracted to attractive women period. The study didn’t suggest the proportions of the women, facial features or anything. However I would think, men would go the bigger women for the comfort.

  6. Why all the tests? Be attracted to whomever it is that tickles your fancy.

  7. Personally, I don’t have to have a test tell me about thick women. But what’s troubling about this study is that stud tries to tie in the same science that justifies eating Paleo diets–basically, if it worked for our ancestors, it’ll work for us.

  8. @Merenda Thank you Merenda!

    I hope this means that stressed men could still be attracted to normal weight women.

    But, how can stress alter a man’s preferences? If I’m stressed, I still want to be attracted to normal weight women, not that I don’t like overweight women, but to each his own.

  9. I think dudes like cute regardless of size however the perception that men have is that “immaculate” women are more likely to go for the dude with the fat pockets. Since a guy doesn’t have the pockets then they pursue the woman that is not the greater financial providers top pick. Because we know the “immaculate” women get the money thrown at them by greater financial providers creating a spoiled unappreciative women. It’s so crucial now that when I see an “immaculate”women I see beauty and a price tag on them too. Caviar taste can’t be satisfied by popeye’s popcorn shrimp (and even that is only served for a limited time so now she gets tuna). Plus too men being so visual if she looks immaculate we are more likely to tolerate more AT FIRST. But when you’re stressed from finances you need someone whose going to hold you down and be pleased with other way forms of spoilage which is more about character, a playing field that is truly. All broke men and chubby are both unfairly discriminated populations deserving of more.

  10. In regards to the comment about smaller women having more options and the bigger women being more likely to settle for his financial woes…..I disagree because your size does not make u stupid honey. I myself am plus size and not ashamed I do not have to settle for my man’s financial woes because my acct stays maintained and I depend on myself. If my man cant meet my salary then he is a non factor and UNnecessary. Why can’t people just face it that men are going to want to be with whoever they want to be with this nation never ceases to amaze me.

    • Ms. Information

      @plussizemiss: That’s true, some men like small women, some like thick and some like fat women…I don’t think that it has to do with his own financial situation at all…men want women who they are attracted to, who are nice to them and who they can trust…the study is a bunch of mess to me.

  11. I just want to know…. Who paid for this “study”? Seems like a waiste of funds. Maybe you should spend money on a study that looks into the disparity of fresh foods and water in low- economical areas. Why not try to make sure that all persons are healthy regardless of economical status? As long as people are making love and are happy, who cares?

  12. I must say that since 2008, my number s have been way UP! Thanks.

  13. Well, that’s a nicer way of putting it than i was told; i was told that only “losers” like over-weight women.

  14. If a woman Is big or bigger she best be in proportion not thin up top n big belly but all in proportion. Skinny women don’t cut it. UK size 14 + but on other hand I hate fat women with lots of flab. Like a woman replied before the survey only asked about bigger women not the proportion cut off point etc.

  15. Heh. . . I was kinda puzzled, until I read the part, where they describe the experimental method. I’m not an expert or anything, but I’ve been taking some open online classes on social psychology, cognitive science and stuff. And I’ve read about experiments, where investigators will ask a question or observe a behavior, right after a subject performs a difficult or stressful task, like the ones described here. . . in order to get an honest opinion or reaction.

    The idea is that working on a task like that ‘tires out’ the brain regions responsible for conscious thought, so what you get from subjects right after that is less likely to be based on conscious thought, about what the subject thinks that they ‘should’ or are ‘supposed to’ do, and more based on honest, unconscious preferences, attitudes or behaviors. The study doesn’t show that men like bigger women when they’re under stress, it shows that they’re more likely to admit it, when they’re under stress. 🙂

  16. This whole conversation/concern is just crazy!!!!! We all have our personal preferences for any & everything in life. I don’t think we should be lumped into ant kind of category for it. I think we just need to be secure in who we are & when that happens then that will make you attractive to the world. BTW: I love all size women, & YES I am more attracted to a thick woman. KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE, & GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW.

  17. I recent the fact that she’s referred to as “Chubby.” She is not chubby. There is a difference between Chubby and Kurvaceous. Go to Kurvaceous Peacocks on Pinterest and see the difference. I think your mindset of women will change forever.

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