FROM THE GRIO — In a shocking tale it has been reported that a married pastor has allegedly been arrested for infecting multiple women with the HIV virus.

“Pastor” Craig Lamar Davis, of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church, is accused of passing the virus to unsuspecting members of the female congregation, reports WVIG. At least two women have come forward to press charges.

The report goes onto say that Davis was arrested for reckless conduct after investigators discovered he was sleeping with several women in the church. He apparently admitted he’s HIV positive but recklessly chose to have unprotected sex.

The explosive story has been trending on social networking sites and has been the subject of several blogs after it was originally posted by blogger Obnoxious. According to an email sent to the blogger, by a woman named Ronita McAfee, Davis had sex with her while he hid is HIV status.

She says she met him on Facebook and in a short time they started meeting at his home to have sex. A few months into the affair, McAfee claims Davis called and told her that one of his ex-girlfriends had told him she’s tested positive for HIV.

McAfee claims after Davis continued to refuse to get tested; she filed a police report and authorities took out a warrant for his arrest. Later, she discovered another woman had allegedly contracted HIV from Davis.



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    Thats what they get. Sleeping with a married man. Dont feel sorry for them at all.

    Lynay, but for the grace of God goes anyone…who is to say that any of these women knew he was married…the story says they met online…have you ever met a nice guy online…in the bank line…in the line at the grocery store…THINK about the tragedy these women must now face FIRST…. and then consider the courage it took for these women to come face to face with their illness BECAUSE of this horrible excuse of a man and STILL warn other women of the danger they faced IN SPITE of the humiliation…I am so disappointed in your comment…

    • @sam:

      You’re right. If they met online he very well could have created an entirely different, fake persona. You just don’t know. I think he’s disgusting for doing what he’s done to these women, even if they should be “protecting” themselves. Even with condoms, it’s not 100%; and HPV and herpes can still be spread because you still have genital to genital contact. People need to limit their partners to cut down their risks.

  3. They’re called condoms, people. Seriously….

  4. Agreed no one deserves HIV. In this day and age, knowing HIV is affecting the black community, really? really?

    WE ALL need to protect ourselves and each other.

  5. All these women need to get together and sue the pants off this disgusting animal.

  6. Googling myself 3 years later I notice these comments. I didn’t say they deserved hiv I said that’s what they get. You go around having unprotected sex… will get HIV!!!!
    Why are you upset when you put more trust in a man and his word and not God and his word! It’s called natural consequences. The articles says these were church members also. So they know knew he was married. They want to be mad at him because they trusted him with their life.

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