It’s not something you think about often, but your body is constantly trying to balance itself. Whether you’re doing your weekly crunches, rollerblading in the park, running a trail or riding a bike, your body is always on a mission to gain balance.

Having a great balance is a total win! It gives you a better posture, decreases back pain and helps strengthen your core. Here are three easy steps on how to perfect your balance.

1.) Yoga Time

There’s perhaps no better-known balance work out than Yoga. If you find a way to incorporate Yoga into your regular routine, you’ll quickly see your flexibility, stability and muscle endurance improving.

2.) Practice Makes Perfect

If you find yourself in a position where you’ll be standing for a long period of time in a line or any other setting, try standing on one foot and seeing how long you can hold it. Also, the classic walking with a book on your head in a straight line will never go out of style! The age -old trick helps your balance and posture tremendously.

3.) Rest Your Eyes

Your vision is a huge part of how well your balance is. If you’re able to stare at a single focal point for a long period of time, holding your balance won’t be as challenging, but the real test is closing your eyes. When you’re comfortable enough try standing still with your eyes closed, you’ll might be surprised at how difficult it is, but once you conquer it, you will be the balance queen.

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