Bliss Spa recently introduced FatGirlShrink, an electro-stimulation process that claims to get rid of water weight by applying muscle-stimulation electrical currents to the body. The pain-free procedure promises to spur weight loss, tone skin and muscles, and drain toxins.

It also requires the application of clay, a conductor to the electricity, as well as seaweed, which helps to detoxify and re-mineralise the skin.

At $180 for an hourlong session, the procedure is not permanent and results vary.

Not everyone is onboard with the “FatGirlShrink” movement.

Dr. Ronald Sha tells The New York Times:

“Electrostimulation is one more fad for people who have spent their whole lives gaining weight effortlessly and now want to lose that weight effortlessly and quickly.”

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, a board-certified family practitioner and nutritionist in Manhattan, echoed his sentiments:

“Electrostimulation is really only a reasonable option for people who are sedentary or who can’t otherwise exercise. [Everyone else] can burn much more calories working out with a trainer and following a healthy diet.”

What do you think of the process? Is it an easy, convenient way to lose weight or is it taking things too far? Would you ever sign up for a “FatGirlShrink” session?

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  1. I’m calling BS. Isn’t clay is an insulator of electricity.

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