For people living with celiac disease, or gluten allergies, something as simple as choosing a meal can be stressful and in extreme cases mean the difference between life and death. It also means that when traveling people with gluten allergies have to be uber aware of everything they put in their mouths, which can suck the fun out a much needed vacation. Many gluten allergy sufferers think that they can only dream of going to places like Italy because their allergies will prevent them from indulging in all the delicious pasta dishes…but they’re wrong! Contrary to popular belief traveling with celiac disease doesn’t have to stressful or limiting and many countries like Italy, France, Germany, Spain and England actually have a high awareness of gluten allergies. Check out these four tips on how to travel with celiac disease and get your travel life back!

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  1. Thanks for this article. I’ve been struggling to find the courage to travel and speak up about my “peculiar” ways of eating.

  2. Italy was the BEST with food. I told the waiter I was gluten intolerant and he brought me out some delicious g-free pasta. Also, the grocery stores have a huge selection of products. Instead of buying clothes, I was buying food while in Italy. Too bad I can’t find many of these products in the States.

    • @jana:

      Also wanted to add that on top of being a celiac sufferer, I am also a soy free vegan. The best food I ever had came from the sous chef while on a cruise. Every meal was prepared exclusively for me!

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