Today, researchers claimed another victory on the road to creating the first oral male contraceptive. A compound called JQ1, was originally created to block the BRD4 gene, which causes cancer, but it just may hold promise for a reversible form of male birth control, scientists say.

Researchers have found that the compound also seems to be effective in decreasing the quality and production of sperm in mice — thereby affecting fertility. Researchers also found that this compound didn’t seem to have any negative effects on sex drive, and when the mice stopped taking the compound, their sperm went back to their normal levels.

This means if all goes well men will finally be afforded the same opportunities as women when it comes to protecting against unwanted pregnancies. But will they take it?

Ask anyone whose responsibility it is in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and the PC response will be that it is the responsibility of both parties involved, but the reality is most of the burden ends up falling on the woman’s shoulder. Right or wrong, that’s just what happens. So why now, after generations of consciously or unconsciously molding society’s men to think this way do doctors believe that men will now decide to start taking birth control pills. As it is many men, whether they admit it vocally or not, hate having to wear condoms even though that is a way to prevent pregnancy, so what’s going to make them happily jump on the pill wagon?

While I would love to believe that men would line up to get prescriptions for male birth control pills, I just can’t see it. It’s too ingrained in them that something like this is for women. In my opinion there would have to be some form of retraining, perhaps campaigns, town hall meetings, etc, to introduce this to men and truly explain its importance as it relates to them before taking male birth control becomes as normal for men as it is for women. Until then, egos will dominate and popping a pill everyday will become more about not wanting to be seen as a woman, than about not wanting to bring any unwanted children into the world.

Do you think men will take birth control pills? Would you trust your man to take them properly?


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  1. Yes, I will trust my man to take birth control pills after I have a tubectomy. 😉

  2. Our society places so much pressure on women, especially when it comes to sex, gender relations and sexuality.
    Think here of how women are told not to wear certain clothes to avoid getting raped instead of telling men not to rape women.

    So, with that in mind, I think some men–not all– would not want to take BC pill under the pretense that “it’s a woman’s responsibility.” Of course, there’s also the issue of manhood and fertility. For a lot of men, not being able to impregnate –even if was due to temporary measure such as taking a male BC pill–would challenge their manhood. I know it sounds silly, but remember, we live in a society where some men don’t feel manly enough if they don’t eat meat. LMFAO.

    From a scientific/health-conscious perspective, I don’t blame men who wouldn’t want to take due to concerns about the medication itself. And yes, I’m one of those people who:
    A) Feels like people who are the first to take a new medication become unintentional guinea pigs AND
    B) Is skeptical about the pharmaceutical industry in general and tends to have a pro-natural hippy attitude. 😉

    I’m not currently, um, getting it in, but I don’t know what I’m going to use aside from condoms when that happens ‘cuz I won’t be getting on BC. I don’t like the idea of a pill impacting something as natural and sacred as my menstrual cycle. I know, I know…

  3. Poppie Mc Poopster

    Lol at a woman claiming what’s ingrained in a mans mind. Any man making such a generalized claim like that about women would be branded misogynist in a split second.

    As a man, I’ll offer my single opinion. Hell fucking yes I’d take this. All men I know would.

    Your connection with the pill and condom are irrelevant. Condoms alter sensation. Pills would stop sperm (or whatever method used).

    Population would drop so fast it wouldn’t be funny. Hell yes I’d take it!

  4. Men taking birth control pills will raise an issue if it’s a YES or a NO. Some men may agree on that, but there will be some men who will strongly disagree. But WHY? Why wouldn’t they take as women does? I don’t think it will make them less manly or strong. I believe that men should start to be responsible as well.

  5. (Months later reply, I know)

    I’m a man, and I can tell you right now, if this becomes an affordable option with no drawbacks, unplanned births will drop dramatically and here’s why.

    Women have been branded with the stereotype of getting knocked up and living on government handouts and child support by a man who could have been lied to about the pill. I’m not supporting the stereotype per se’, but men know of it, and will always keep it in mind before having sex. This fear, all by itself, would be enough to assume men will take advantage of this.

    As icing on that cake, once a woman gets pregnant, what happens next is ultimately her decision alone. After meeting several women in a row that lapsed in their birth control, I would happily take these matters into my own hands.

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