Spend your money on what you came for

Many grocers are marketing while you shop to get you to spend more by purchasing things you don’t need and sometimes don’t even want! Some stores are made to get you off target by placing things that traditionally go together in different places. The snacks that you are absolutely trying to avoid are found everywhere, but when you are diligently looking for quinoa, it’s easy to get lost. This is why you need that plan we already talked about. Regardless, keep focused on why you are there. It’s your money and your rules. Remember that you are working toward a better diet, better health, and an overall better life. That is at the center of making healthier decisions at the checkout counter.

Be encouraged about exploring new things instead of being overwhelmed. Don’t let the process defeat you because you are already winning. You have made a decision to change your health by being a more engaged shopper and purchasing what you want and need. You are doing things differently. You are on your way to becoming a better you by choosing what is best for your health and body.

Describe your relationship with healthy food. When did you feel like you wanted to just give up? Did you have a difficult time shopping for foods when you first changed your diet? How did you handle going to the store more frequently to keep fresh foods in stock? What tips or tricks do you use now to keep it all together?


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  1. Ms. Information

    Good article, really good tips…

  2. “You have to go into this with a game plan already mapped out” If that aint the truth. If I don’t prepare everday during the week goes down the drain.

  3. I am used to eating real food at this point. I like it. I even crave it at times. But the times when it is the hardest to keep on my path is when I just want to indulge in whatever the hell I want. Those days when I want a big box of chocolate, donuts, cookies, or a woman walking down the street eating a big cup of ice cream make me miss my careless days of eating whatever I wanted. Of course eating whatever I wanted came with the high price of 215 lbs., and I don’t want to go back to being overweight, so I usually don’t go for the donuts or box of chocolates.

    I only take enough money to buy what I need on my shopping list. A shopping list is a must, and you need to stick with it. Before you make your list, plan out your meals. After you find your top 3-4 dishes, make them your staples. Find a couple of meals that require little to no cooking to make it easier.

  4. I educated myself on the dangers of NOT eating healthy. There’s nothing wrong with eating delicious food BUT there are always healthy ways to enjoy it. Being open to new things is very important. Pinterest will keep you in the know of AWESOME recipe ideas. For me, it was important to keep my family healthy and pass on this knowledge to my two boys. What they eat is my responsibility and I take it VERY seriously….very.

  5. I was a healthy eater until a couple of years ago. I fell off the wagon because partly of stress and partly pressure (“Girl why don’t you get a cheeseburger? You already skinny!”). Now I’m getting back on track, slowly but surely. I’m losing most of my junk cravings–partly because indulging in a lot of them makes me physically ill. “You guys can have your triple fried twice baked potatoes,” I say–and then happily munch on my pineapple chips and poached barramundi.

    …but sometimes you just need a burger. One is fine now. 😉

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