5. Shower.

Not only does this help protect you from nasty skin infections like bacne, impetigo and MRSA but it also makes everyone around you happier. If you need this one explained, refer back to #2. Just don’t pee in the shower.

So what’s your sweat story? Ever sat in a puddle of someone else’s filth? Grabbed the handle of the elliptical only to find it still warm and moist from the previous occupant? Do you leave a signature sweat stain on the stretching mats? Have you ever snapped yourself (or someone else) in the face with a sweat-soaked ponytail?? Share!

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  1. LOL I am a sweaty betty also, but I use a towel or two, and paper towels. to dab the sweat and to lay on benches and mats,
    Food odors and perfume/oil/colonge annoy me at the gym. I mean I know I may sometimes smell like a lil garlic if I had spaghetti the night before but smelling like a garlic clove or ten and a roll of salami is not good.
    Also some people could use some stronger deodorant but all in all even with equipment folk haven’t wiped down, I inspect before I use, spray it down myself and keep moving.

  2. Ugh! One of the main reasons I didn’t love my last gym was because it was just….sweaty. Smelled like sweat and I couldn’t fully enjoy my time. In a Caribbean country air conditioning is NOT an option for gyms!

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