3. Wipe stuff down when you’re done with it.

This rule not only applies to obvious things like the bike or treadmill you just geysered all over but to things like the floor in front of you or the wet spot your butt left on the weight bench or even the mirror in front of you . There is nothing more disgusting than coming upon some identified puddle of fluid. If I wanted to play “guess that liquid” I’d stay home and be entertained non-stop by my relentlessly fluid-emitting children. This is demonstrated by one classic moment that lives in Gym Buddy infamy: Gym Buddy Allison and I were doing pull-ups one day when a man asked to work in between our sets. We immediately regretted being good sharers when Allison, upon taking her next turn, pulled up to be right at eyeball level with a huge droplet of… something hanging precariously over her mouth. She dropped to the floor. We stared. The droplet hung on. And on. And on. Finally, in a testament to the power of surface tension and the magnitude of our squeamishness, the sweat droplet won and Allison & I gave up on finishing our pull-ups. Don’t be that pull-up guy. Wipe your own sweat off.

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  1. LOL I am a sweaty betty also, but I use a towel or two, and paper towels. to dab the sweat and to lay on benches and mats,
    Food odors and perfume/oil/colonge annoy me at the gym. I mean I know I may sometimes smell like a lil garlic if I had spaghetti the night before but smelling like a garlic clove or ten and a roll of salami is not good.
    Also some people could use some stronger deodorant but all in all even with equipment folk haven’t wiped down, I inspect before I use, spray it down myself and keep moving.

  2. Ugh! One of the main reasons I didn’t love my last gym was because it was just….sweaty. Smelled like sweat and I couldn’t fully enjoy my time. In a Caribbean country air conditioning is NOT an option for gyms!

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