Even though the economy is currently seeing some hard times, it seems like everywhere we turn prices for basic needs are going up and up. Recently the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report late last week predicting an increase in food prices due to the hard crop year farmers experienced in the Midwest. Among other predictions, the U.S.D.A is predicting that beef and veal will rise by an estimated 5 percent by 2013, pork will rise 3.5 percent and dairy will rise 4.5 percent during the same period. Other foods to be affected include staples like corn and soybeans.

As if that wasn’t pad enough, you take into consideration that healthy eaters like us often pay premiums for farmer’s market fare and organic staples, and you’re looking at a beyond sky high grocery bill. So what’s a budget conscious shopper to do?! Fear not! Here are four tips to keep your healthy eating up and your grocery bill down!

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  1. Everything about this article was awful. I can’t believe this was featured. The tips weren’t helpful or healthful. I have grown to expect so much more from frugivore. So dissapointed.

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