FROM THE GRIO — Two new surveys give a look into the sexual minds of African-Americans — such as, 60 percent consider themselves adventurous in the bedroom and over 70 percent are open to using a vibrator with a partner during sex.

The findings were released as part of the Trojan Charged Sex Life Survey of 3,000 Americans nationwide, including ten major cities.

More results among the African-Americans surveyed:

  • One in three say the most exciting thing they’ve done is have sex more than three times in one day.
  • Nearly one-third of both men and women have had sex outdoors.
  • More than half of believe things need to be more exciting in the bedroom.
  • Sixty percent are in committed, monogamous relationships.
  • The top ways those surveyed charged things up included spontaneous sex, having sex someplace different and talking dirty.

African-American men versus African-American women:

  • Men think about sex 17 times a day, compared to five times a day for women.
  • Men have had, on average, 38 sex partners in a lifetime, compared to 10 among women.
  • Almost half of men wish sex lasted longer, compared to one-third of women.
  • More than half of women have faked an orgasm, compared to 18 percent of men.


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  1. Why is this a shock and a surprise? It shouldn’t be. Which is why Black women need to be smart.

  2. Why so surprised!!

  3. That’s about right… sex is like a game to guys when we’re young, we don’t start to think with the head that actually has a brain in it until we mature and even then its still hard……

  4. While this survey was obviously self reported so probably has some truth, I hate that it perpetuates the stereotype of Black people being sex fiends. Ugh!

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