I don’t believe in fashion rules. Fashion is too subjective for the generalizing that comes with rule-making. We may all be exposed to current trends and shop at similar stores but fashion is an expression of one’s singular style. A woman’s fashion sense, body type, personality and lifestyle all impact the type of clothes she wears. We’re all too different for fashion rules to apply to everyone.

That’s why it was distressing to see people chide Jada Pinkett-Smith for posing in a bikini for a Facebook picture. The caption read ” To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age! ” and small minds immediately took to the comment section to chide her for wearing a bikini over 40.

My take? She has the body for it so why shouldn’t she wear it? Furthermore, she looks and feels beautiful in it. That trumps age in my book any day.

In her picture, Jada Pinkett-Smith was able to debunk theories that women of a certain age lose their attractiveness with time. She looks as great as she did in her twenties and her body could put many teenagers to shame.

People love to police the way women dress with socially-imposed rules, and it’s even sadder when we project these limited notions on each other. I hope to wear a bikini as long as I look great in it, looking to women like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Chaka Khan, who recently flaunted her newly-toned body, as inspiration.

What about you, Clutchettes? Do you believe there is an age limit to bikinis? Do you subscribe to fashion rules?

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  1. You can’t listen to what people say most people lack common sense. If you have a body that looks better then most people half your age why on earth would it be wrong to wear a bikini after a certain age, that makes absolutely no sense (I’m referring to Jada). Jada’s right if you take care of yourself you can have a great body for decades and if you have a great bod you can rock what ever you want to wear. I know a lot of 20 somethings that can’t rock a bikini it’s not a age thing it’s a body thing. The only explanation I can come up with for someone saying someone with a bod like Jada shouldn’t wear a bikini is jealousy.

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