For all the fitness and nutrition tips that Frugivore offers, I would hope that you’re at least 75 percent more aware of what you’re putting in your body. But in case you aren’t, allow me to remind you. Here are a few fast food horror stories that will keep you eating clean:

Fast Food Employees Vent on Reddit about Fast Food Conditions

When former fast food employees vented to Reddit in their Reddit Ask Me Anything Series with fast food employees, here are a few of the statements that will have you driving far, far away from fast food:

“Nuggets left on counter tops so long they melt into something you could drink.”; “What doesn’t pass the standard for serving in a patty gets boiled and tossed into chili.”; and by far one of the worst… “I’ll attest to having worked at a high end restaurant once that was so infested with cockroaches we chose the dressing of the day based on the one that didn’t have baby bugs floating face up in it. Yeah, I know, gross. I quit that gig.”

Fast-Food is Killing Our Kids

The National healthy ministry is trying to tackle advertising campaigns that target kids. Health Minister Motsoaledi said “far too many children were at risk of contracting non-communicable diseases, including diabetes, hypertension and obesity.” It’s the ultimate horror story.

Twitter #McDStories Reveal Scary McDonalds Stories

Horrible stories have come out from twitter after McDonalds boasted in a tweet about making fast food with “pride.” Consumers responded back with their own McDStories including finding fingernails in their Big Mac, pigs in gestation crates, and being hospitalized for food poisoning, yikes!

Whare are some of your fast food horror stories?

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  1. These places are all horrible. I think we all sacrifice our health at time for convience. We all need to think about stopping at place like these long and hard before we go through the drive thru next time.

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  3. I had a double burger come out with chicken and beef patties. And I found a fried and roach in a chicken mcnugget box

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