Have you exercised your womb today?

Yes, your womb. This may be an odd question, but a recent YouTube poster, NubiaSutton1, is revamping yoga especially for you and your womb. She claims this method of yoga will help to release toxins since women especially “hold a lot of energy in the pelvic area.”

Take a look! Would you try it?

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  1. I’ve been following Nubia’s videos for a few months now and have even ordered some of her products. The womb yoga is my favorite and I’ve been doing it since a friend put me on to her. It’s fun and it’s indeed a workout (try doing those pelvic rolls for the entirety of Lil Wayne’s “She Will”–I bet money you’ll be tired!). If you want to try something more structured and full length, Queen Afua offers a nice womb yoga on her website.

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