Bodacious Tocarra Jones, the full sized ex model who America came to love on Tyra Bank’s popular show, America’s Next Top Model, is back in the limelight.

Recently pictures or Ms. Jones have skirted the web showing her full-figured frame posed next to her new boo, Bryant McKinnie, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Tocarra, who we last saw searching for love on her show, The Ultimate Merger, has come under scrutiny for not only her love life, but also her weight gain.

Since she first came on the scene in 2005 her weight was the subject of conversation. Everybody wanted to know how a plus size model would fare in the cutthroat modeling business. But after being constantly lambasted about her weight, she was sent packing.

When she emerged again, Tocarra had not only lost weight, but became the face for plus size models everywhere. The bright eyed, bubbly 31-year-old was back in the public eye on the reality show Celebrity Fit Club, showing off her new slimmed down physique in King magazine, and creating workout videos for the curvaceous “real size women.”

But after a hiatus from television, it appears she’s gained her weight back. And she stands in line with other celebrities who have struggled with weight gain off and on in the public eye.

Celebrities such as Oprah, Jennifer Hudson, and Carnie Wilson who have all been vocal about the struggle that comes along with maintaining their weight for all to see.

Is it fair? Why do we judge people when everyone knows how hard it is to maintain weight loss?

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  1. She looks good just a bad sweaty angle

  2. I recentlly seen Toccarra out in public. and she isnt fat….she just allowed herself to get very sloppy

  3. I guess I’ll be bad troll here but she is not healthy looking. Never has been. When she lost all the weight she looked like she had done it the wrong way. And it seems to me she enjoys being heavy and eating mcdonalds and the such. Let her be big. It’s better than her doing some fake weight watchers or jenny Craig commercial like Kristie ally trying to convince us she loves herself now. GIrl be big be happy

  4. Ignorant Dolt

    I’d need to see better photo’s of what she looks like know. The one here (on the right) tells me nothing. The only part of her body in obvious view is her booty and it looks like one that many black women have, round and juicy!

  5. Garry e shepard

    She fine either way I hate how the media focus on people image life happens maybe of the media get one they will see what people go through

  6. Garry e shepard

    She fin thick women are sexy especially when they dress according to their size I. That’s all I gotta say

  7. That’s what happens when you’re in love and cooking meals for a big ole’ sexy linebacker… that’s love weight <3

  8. She doesn’t look fat to me.

  9. I don’t think she looks fat either. I’d hate to be in the public eye! The media sets the tone and it is so superficial. We never get to know a celebrity as a person cause we are too busy looking at their, abs, ass, and hair!

  10. Yes I think she look fine too, losing weigh is hard work, if she’s making an effort you really gotta give her credit.

  11. I saw her recently and she looks amazing- this is quite simply just a bad photo of her. We all have off days… this is one of hers.

  12. Pritibrowneyz

    People spend far too much time JUDGING others on what the media and the world think they are “supposed” to look like. Its time to get over that…if the individual is happy about how they look the everyone else needs to MOVE AROUND.

  13. I have also seen Toccara out in L.A. recently and she is by no means fat. She has maintained her weight loss and tone. I think the camera angle only caught her butt and too many assumptions are being made. I share a similar body type(curvy but very toned) and I am slightly taller (5’11) than her. Folks make too many judgements without knowing how your body is shaped. I workout on a regular, proud to be a true gym rat, but I make sure to maintain my feminine curves. I am very toned but still busty up top, no jiggle on my arms, my abs are flat and toned, no matter what I do my thick thighs aren’t going anywhere (but they are fit and tone), and the same with my butt.

    Bodybuilding is no easy task, neither is losing weight. It makes it even harder when folks make extreme judgements while someone is in the process. I also find that most of those people are usually internally and externally unhealthy themselves.

    • @tammy m: I don’t think she is fat either. I think it is the angle of the camera it shows more of her butt. However she is not fat nor she does not look like she has gained weight.

  14. The Western part of the World considers beauty – Blonde, skinny, flat butt, long hair — Know, own and love your definition of Beauty — and Toccaro is a Beautiful, Black, Voluptuous Woman!!

  15. Big or small she living and still enjoying life. She isn’t on drugs and she is not out doing something that’s not normal. Taccara live your life for you and no one else big or small.

  16. I think she looks good, it’s just not a good photo! As long as she’s healthy and happy (which none of us can comment on, because likely we don’t know her) whose business is it if she “looks” like she gained weight.

  17. She is fine bigger or smaller but I think she looks best with a little bit extra.

  18. I been seeing homie w/Foxy now. Tocarra is smuggly smh

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