Rule 2: Use them for their intended purpose and nothing else

Confession: I used to have shox specifically for kickboxing, cross-trainers for boot camps, and runners for, well, running, duh. But it cramped my style since a) unless I only want to wear silver, pink and black when I run then I have to mix it up and b) Jelly Bean loveLOVEloves to try on shoes which means that it’s a crapshoot if I can find two that match each other much less match the workout. So yeah, the Mizuno Wave Enigmas are running shoes. I ran in them. I also kickboxed, lifted weights, did my Hot Sweaty Mess workout (that actually ended up being 119 degrees when the final total came in!!) and circuit trained in them. And they were awesome in every single activity. No shin splints, no black toenails, no arch cramps, no bizarre hotfoot – just a perfect fit from the second I put them on. This is a rarity in shoes – I have worn many pretty shoes that ended up not being good for anything except weight lifting *cough*Puma*cough.

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  1. Hmm…this seems like a big advertorial for Mizuno Wave Enigmas disguised as an fitness article. :/

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