Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes can lead to a lifetime of despair and frustration. Having unprotected sex is just one of those mistakes that can leave the average person regretting their decision. But let’s be frank here, slip ups happen. Choices happen as well. So if you choose to have sex without protection here are some things to consider.

Here are three ways to protect yourself:

  1. Get tested – Early and often. According to a sexual surveillance report done by the Center for Disease and Control in 2010, “a total of 1,307,893 cases of sexually transmitted Chlamydia trachomatis infection were reported to the CDC…the largest number of cases ever reported to CDC for any condition.” Having unprotected sex buts you at a greater risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  2. Make sure you are the only one he’s having sex with – This is where sex and relationships move into a bit of grey area. If you’ve decided that you’re going to have unprotected sex, make sure there is a firm understanding of where you each stand with each other. By this I mean, your partner should be the only person with whom you are choosing to do this with. This requires an exorbitant amount of trust on both ends, and though unprotected sex is generally a privilege of marriage (for obvious reasons), you both should have a strong commitment and dedication to each other for your protection.
  3. Demand He Wear A Condom – One way to curb any confusion in the bedroom is to demand he wear a condom. If he refuses, you can always refuse to have sex. This sets the parameters for future sexual encounters.

Would you let him go raw?


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  1. No. Too scared. I may not get as lucky the next time.

  2. there is just no way to ever know if you are the only one. Unless you are married, and even then…GOODNESS!!

  3. Perhaps an article about condom alternatives would be good; for the scores of women of color that I know, who have horrible reactions to latex condoms.

    • Good point! Some women are going “raw” due to condom issues and unfortunately they end up with more than a reaction to latex. More choices could definately save many.

    • @Trey: Condoms are whack but necessary when one wants casual sex. Alternatives won’t solve anything, just keep people not thinking past their next nut

    • @Trey: Its not that hard to buy polyurathane, right next to the latex. I an allergic to latex and still use a condom everytime. Health centers give away non latex condoms too.

  4. LifeStyle makes a non-latex condom called SKYN they also come in larger sizes if needed

  5. Go raw for food, not for sex!

  6. Education is definitely needed. I know people close to 30 who dont know what a female condom or a diaphragm is.

  7. AnonymousNupe

    I’m a dude, and I don’t think using a condom is a big deal at all. My greatest fear is regarding oral. Like this woman who didn’t much care for receiving oral (but she had no problem giving it) said to me: “There’s a whole lot going on down there. I don’t mind giving, but, yeah…”

    I absolutely loooooooove eating pussy, if I may just be blunt. But a dental dam just ain’t the answer. The female doesn’t enjoy it as much, and neither do I. (And Saran wrap just doesn’t stay in place well enouch.) Maybe I need to take matters into my own hands and create something more convenient, less cumbersome, to facilitate the enjoyment of one of my favorite pastimes.

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