If you thought Rick Ross was just blowing money fast on jewelry, women, and cars…think again. Ross talks about his addiction for food in the latest issue of Bon Appetite magazine.

You’ve got a private chef. What are the benefits?

RR: It’s a 24-hour menu. You can get something light. You can get something heavy. I love Italian, but I may wake up in the middle of the day and want some tacos.

Let’s say your chef isn’t available. What can Ross cook?

RR: I got one thing: I take the aluminum foil and I put a nice piece of tilapia on it, season it good, then put a bundle of broccoli and two or three slices of cheese over it. I fold it up and sit it on the grill. Voilà!

Do you have a strategy for eating on a plane?

RR: You keep it light. You don’t want to use those little bathrooms.

You also go by Ricky Rozay. We can guess what’s in your fridge for a summer party.

RR: You know I gotta have some rosé in there. But I got everything.

The rapper also mentions that when he couldn’t afford to eat so lavishly, he grubbed on ramen noodles, rice-a-roni, and honey buns!

With all those expenditures oh such a fancy lifestyle, we hope the rapper is taking care of his health. After suffering two seizures recently, he definitely needs to focus on getting rest, staying in shape, and watching his diet!

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  1. LOL @ “staying in shape”. You mean GETTING in shape!

  2. I think its irresponsible to post an article about a morbidly obese man’s favorite foods on a website that’s geared towards fitness and eating healthy. He’s absolutely disgusting and I’m pretty sure he would fill out my bra and then some. Maybe instead of talkin about his favorite foods, you could have profiled foods that he should be eating and excercises he could be doing to drop more than a few pouds.

    • @Sasha: I like Ricky Rozay so keep your negativity and judgements to yourself. How do you know he’s not healthy? Just because he’s big doesn’t mean he’s unhealthy.

      • @Dena: Sweetheadt he’s not big, he’s morbidly obese and to point out such is not being negative, it’s honesty. You yourself are likely fat, big or obese which is why you took what I said personally.

      • Ms. Information

        @Dena: You know that negro is unhealthy, stop it…and what is your fascination with this overweight thug? He has had 2 seizures..he is NOT healthy….

    • @Sasha: I agree with you. Why is this post even here?

  3. I agree with Sasha’s FIRST comment wholeheartedly. What an odd choice in a story for such a website. And a horrible picture. It was just a bad choice. You have an obese man talking about his poor diet juxtaposed to an article on is the black church making us fat? How are the diets different?

    @Dena, being obese doesn’t mean he is unlikeable.

  4. interesting how the part about him saying he also likes to eat Honey Buns heated up with Cheese on top…

    his titties are in dire need of a 48K bra

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