I admit, the thought of dating someone who regularly reaches for a pack of cigarettes is not high on my priorities list. But I’ve known many friends to date smokers, and not been affected by it. Personally, I’m not a fan of kissing an ashtray, so dating a person who happens to smoke isn’t going to get me excited.

But if you’re considering dating a smoker, consider a few things.

  1. The smell can be overwhelming – Some people are lucky. Although they smoke, the smell of the smoke doesn’t seem to stick to their clothes. For the other 90 percent of smokers however, the smell of cigarettes can be exponentially overwhelming. I mean, it’s in everything! The walls, the sheets, the person’s clothes, your hair. Ay yi yi.
  2. Health Reasons – If you’re a health buff, than you know the diseases that are often associated with smoking – lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis — Health first! According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 46.6 Americans smoke cigarettes.
  3. Second Hand Smoke – Two words. It kills. Personally even if I were to consider dating a smoker, just knowing that would make me think twice.

Are you a smoker or have you dated one? Tell us your story!

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  1. I am not a smoker. Never have been. I would not date a smoker. I work with enough of them to know that it is NOT a good smell.

  2. I struggle to quit smoking but, still smoke two cigarettes a day. No. I would not date a smoker.

  3. No one wants to but love happens and you can’t stop that. I’d hope my partner wouldn’t but if he did, I’d help him stop. Especially if he smoked cigs

  4. Right As Rain

    I would not. I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes and the smell it leaves behind on other objects.


  6. If I was already dating someone who started smoking during our relationship, I wouldn’t break up with him or her (but I would nag them like shit). But I probably wouldn’t begin a serious relationship with someone who smoked.

  7. I did until we kissed and it was terrible! Like licking an ashtray!

  8. I used to say I never would. Then I did. It was a short relationship. He rarely smoked, only once around me. But we were different people, emotionally, spiritually and health wise. I wouldn’t recommend dating someone who doesn’t share your same values. Smoking should have been one of many signs we wouldn’t work out.

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