Looking to get that summer body taut and toned? Well here are some of our favorite exercises using free weights that we love.


Great for toning those arms, chest presses work your chest muscles offering a strong resistance in your arms and shoulders.


Nobody likes unsightly, flabby arms. The tricep kickback helps to strengthen and tone the back of those arm muscles.


An overall body workout, deadlifts get your entire body engaged that you’re sure to feel in the morning!


When working out your legs, your best bet is to use free weights for added resistance. Trust me, it will burn!


Use free weights to crunch those obliques and tone that back up. Tackles your love handles like a linebacker. Perfect for summer dresses and bikini wear!

And a bonus! Buffie the Body’s 4 Lower Body Exercises Using Free Weights

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  1. Great tips for using freeweights. I will add some of these to my workout. I do have to say the line “Nobody likes unsightly, flabby arms.” this was a bit offensive…saying “unsightly” is going a bit far especially when frugivore often has pieces on being positive and self image, yes arms might be flabby but to say they are unpleasant to look at is just cruel.

  2. Love LOve LOVE! Buffie the Body looks great and she is in her 40’s.

  3. Deadlifts are amazing. I put them in my circuit a couple of months ago, thinking they wouldn’t be hard, but I was so so so so wrong.

  4. So helpful!

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