After rocking a relaxer in summer 2010, Jill Scott has big chopped for her second time since stepping into the spotlight. She revealed her new “TWA” at a performance at Somersot House in England.

Since Scott got a lot of flack for relaxing her hair, it’s interesting to see her do the big chop again.

We’re all for women having the freedom to change their hair as they please and embrace any style, texture, or length they see fit. But as natural hair becomes increasingly popular among artists and the women in their fan base, we sometimes wonder what the real motive is in big chopping.

Is it a move toward growing healthier hair or a chance to gain publicity and appeal to a fanbase of naturals? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Clearly for press but she looks beautiful so there you have it BOOM

  2. Does it really matter? The freedom to cut your hair and rock an afro just because you can has been elusive to Black women for so long who cares at this point…

  3. I thought Jill wore a weave/wig back then.

    This is the first I’ve heard of her “big chop” and I spend too much time on the blogs, so I don’t think it is for press. Maybe she just wanted to start over. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. “Big chop” is a very old and common term in the natural hair world. I believe that Jill just wasn’t feeling the relaxer. Been there, done that several times. As women, it is our perogative to do as we feel and this can change daily.


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