8. Be travel ready

Vacations can be a wonderful time to relax during the summer, but don’t abandon all of your health and fitness goals. Before you book your next vacation, call ahead and find out if the hotel restaurant has vegetarian meals. Look for a hotel that has a kitchenette or refrigerator in the room where you can bring and store your own snacks. Check the amenities list for free access to the gym. Find out if you can request a DVD player in the room and pack a work out video. Or ask about WiFi access so you can YouTube a 10 minute workout routine. Does the hotel you selected have a pool? Great! It’s time to go swimming. When all else fails, take your workout with you. Wrap up a jump rope and stick it in the carry-on. Also, ask the concierge or front desk attendant to tell you about a near-by park where you can enjoy a picturesque walk.

Avoid a summer slump! Don’t let the summer season get you off track!! How do you stay focused on your health and fitness goals all summer long?

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