It’s okay to ask for help!

Whether it’s asking for a spot on the weight floor so you can up your weight or asking for help with a hard-to-reach zipper in the locker room, according to Psychology Today, reaching out to people helps both the giver and the receiver feel happier, more connected and less worried for hours afterward.

Do you ever find yourself feeling like a health rebel? What’s your favorite “rule” to break – Finish this sentence: “It’s okay…”? Anyone else just amazed by what the male gymnasts can do on a pommel horse? I don’t know that I’ve ever fully appreciated that apparatus before…

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  1. It’s okay to stop saying I’m going to start my diet tomorrow when today is here

  2. It’s okay to look at girls a$$e$ at the gym without feeling like I’m a creep

  3. it’s okay to stop and walk instead of run. My #1 rule
    it’s okay to take a shower in the gym

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