Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m a workout cheat. Whenever I use a personal trainer I end up with amazing results, but the road to get there is paved with lies and deceit. If my trainer sets my treadmill to 3.5 with an incline on 2, I’ll run like Flo Jo…until he steps away, then I’m on a hard 1.5 with a zero incline like I’m really doing something. The minute I see him coming back to check on my progress I’m back to upping the speed, panting and complaining like the struggle is just too much. Sad I know, and I’m not proud of my workout deception, but the temptation to slack off in the gym can be serious some days and I know I’m not alone. Thing is, slacking off only ends up hurting you so you’ve got to find ways to push through and make the most of your already expensive training session. Here are 3 ways to stop deceiving your trainer and get the workout done.

Be Honest

One way I keep from deceiving my trainer is to tell him or her that I’m a deceiver. Trainers are there to give me the best possible workout program my pennies can buy and if all I’m going to do is sabotage my session behind their backs, not only am I hurting myself, but I’m also wasting their time. I let my trainers know this is my weak spot and that I need them to stay in my behind and make sure that there is no room for slackness!

Train With A Buddy

Not with your friend that will enable your slacking, a real friend who is there to motivate and encourage you on your fitness journey. When they see you lowering that speed or skipping that rep, they’ll call you out and hold you accountable, they’ll remind you why you’re working out in the first place and motivate you to push through the pain and get back on the healthy track.

Focus On Your Goal

It’s easy to forget your goal in the middle of the pain, soreness, panting and sweating, but if you stop focusing on how many reps you have left or how sore you are, and take time to focus on the body you want to achieve or that outfit you want to fit into, you’ll see how quickly you’re able to motivate yourself to keep going and stop the cheating before it even starts.

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