You know that awkward moment when someone asks a woman how far along she is or when she’s due, only to find out that she isn’t expecting at all? You can imagine how the woman assumed to be with child might feel. Unnerved. Embarrassed. Offended. Angry. And you can guess what might be the root of those feelings. Though the inquiry could be an honest mistake, it also feels like an insult: she weighs enough for people to mistake her for pregnant.

Amber Rose is the latest to experience the digital version of that awkward moment. A few recent pictures of the model have set the blogosphere abuzz with speculation about the status of her womb: empty or rapidly filling with fetus? The questions started when the pics–some of Rose with an exposed midriff, others with her in a full swing dress–revealed a few extra pounds on the celeb.

As is the case any time a famous woman dares leave the house baring enough of her figure for the public to notice any change in its shape, bloggers started throwing pregnancy around as a possible cause. Because weight can’t just be gained among the rich and famous, right? It has to be tied to the growth of a human life. Or else she reeeally needs to do something about that. And hopefully, all these blog posts and articles and interviews asking if she’s having a kid (or just getting fat) will light a fire under her.

Rose has always been known for her voluptuous figure, so it’s no surprise that any weight gain at all would draw a bit of notice. The catsuits that were once her trademark weren’t designed to mask any changes in her body’s proportions. Still, it would be better to wait for her to confirm her pregnancy than for bloggers to start using candid shots of her as well as her looser clothing to start pointing out that she’s gained some weight.

Do you think bloggers and paparazzi really think celebs are pregnant when they start to speculate or are they just trying to be slick about putting celeb weight gain on blast?

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