4. Douse yourself with your water bottle.

How-To: Take a big swig from your wide-necked environmentally-sound BPA-free water bottle. While running. This works best on a treadmill although I’ve seen people do it in outdoor races too. Extra points if it’s actually Propel in your bottle. See? Easy as falling off a log. Hey – that’s fun too!

Quick Fix: Just pretend you’re really sweaty. Which actually isn’t a fix unless you look like a supermodel. For the rest of us, we’ll just have to try and move to the treadmill in front of the fan or wait until the sun dries us off. Try not to think about how thirsty you now are.

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  1. Wear the most ill-fitting knee brace ever made. Pretend not to notice when it flies off. Even if it hurts. Bonus points if it smacks someone. EXTRA bonus points if it smacks someone in the face.

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