1. Don’t you hate it when lists end on a funny number? Like nine??

How-To: Help me fill in the number 1 spot by telling me in the comments your best method of embarrassing yourself. Pictures will earn you my undying love.

Quick Fix: Telling people about your embarrassing moments make you seem witty and self-deprecating. They can’t laugh at you if you’re already laughing at yourself! Right?

Extra Credit: Synchronized Stretching

Didn’t get enough Olympics in your life? Start your own sport of synchronized stretching by picking someone on the stretching mats who is really working it out. Then sit down next to him or her, as close as possible without actually sitting on them, and proceed to do whatever they do. Be sure to make your movements graceful – toes pointed, arms fully extended, back straight. Feel free to throw in extra little flourishes like gestures, waves to the “judges” (who are probably peeing their pants laughing), and a bright toothy smile. Just don’t ruin it by telling your “partner” what you’re doing. Letting them discover is half the fun.

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  1. Wear the most ill-fitting knee brace ever made. Pretend not to notice when it flies off. Even if it hurts. Bonus points if it smacks someone. EXTRA bonus points if it smacks someone in the face.

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