Stand up and move:

In the age of technology, many people have workspaces that are designed for productivity. Your computer, telephone, and copy machine, are likely all within arms reach at your desk. Although this is good for productivity, it’s bad for your health. It eliminates the need for you to stand, let alone walk, during the workday. Take a minute or two to stand up at your desk and stretch at least once an hour. You will find that you are better able to focus after you move around a bit. The next time you have to respond to an email from a co-worker, think about getting up from your desk and actually walking to their office. It will give your brain a break and you get a few minutes of social interaction.

Be mindful at meetings:

Many offices have periodic staff meeting where snacks are provided. Too often, these food items are sugar-sweetened soda, cookies, or donuts. Although there is nothing wrong with these foods in moderation, if you are not careful, you can consume a days worth of calories during a 2-hour meeting if you keep reaching for another chocolate chip cookie. Be mindful of the items that are usually provided at these meetings and plan accordingly. Since thee is often pressure from co-workers to eat or drink something, grab a bottle of water instead of the soda. If the more healthy options are not typically provided, bring your own. Keep pieces of fruit and nuts handy at work so you have something to snack on that doesn’t pack on the pounds.

Connect with co-workers

We all know that it’s easier to stay healthy if you have the support of those around you. With all the time we spend at work, it just makes sense to connect with co-workers who share your interest in good health. Team up with a few co-workers at walk together during lunch breaks or workout together after work. Share healthy recipes or health-related information with each other. You will find that you not only get the psychological benefit of making new friends who share a common interest, but you also get the support needed to maintain healthier lifestyle, even while you are at work.

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