Most of us spend at least half of our waking hours a work. Everybody knows that good health is important to every aspect of our lives but many of us don’t have the energy and time to focus on our health and wellness at home. Here are some ways to overcome the obstacles to good health that are present at work:

Use your breaks wisely:

When your boss wants to meet with you about the next big project, you schedule time in your day so that you have adequate time for the meeting. You can use the same strategy to prioritize your health at work. Take breaks during the day and use the time to focus on health. If you have a 30-minute lunch break, take a few laps around the building for the first 10 minutes. You will feel energized from the fresh air and the increased blood circulation. You will still have 20 minutes to eat lunch and you can maximize that time by bringing your lunch to work with you. That way, you don’t have to search for something to eat during your limited time.

Wash your hands:

We have all seen a co-worker use the bathroom, check their tie or hair in the mirror and leave without washing their hands. In addition to being just plain gross, it also creates the perfect opportunity to spread germs that can make you and the entire office sick. Impress your boss by being the person who gets through cold and flu season without getting sick. Wash your hands before every meal and after every trip to the restroom. It’s a really simple thing but it really does go a long way toward keeping yourself and your co-workers healthy.

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