Your immune system is a vital part of our body so it’s imperative that we do what we can to keep it healthy. Regular exercise and an increase of antioxidants can help to fight off diseases which can lead to infections. It’s also quite important to watch what you put in your body. If you’re not careful, certain substances can dull your immune system. Here are three:


For all you coffee lovers out there, pay close attention. Though we may love our lattes and our frappachinos, caffeine is one of the more harmful ingredients that can disrupt our immune system. Although there is no direct correlation to coffee drinking and immune functions, caffeine keeps us wired throughout the night, often disrupting much of our sleep patterns, which leads to the depletion our immunity system.

Hydrogenated Fats

Hydrogenated fats are just another word for trans-fats. And fats, no matter how you slice and dice them, are bad for you. These fats happen to be deadly. When we consume much of these our bodies go haywire. It can cause extensive inflammation which can lead to heart disease and cancer. These fats not only damage our immune system, they reap havoc on much of our other bodily functions as well.


Sugar has been associated with many negative bodily functions. It can increase insulin in our bodies and promote inflammation. A sugar addiction is hard to beat, but it can certainly be done, and as quickly as possible. Too much sugar can ferment in our gut, and hold on to extra bacteria. This dulls our system from working properly and keeps any unhealthy weight on.

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  1. This article is misleading. Small amounts of caffiene are not bad for you and can help speed up your metabolism and even protect you from developing certain diseases such as parkinson’s.

    “And fats, no matter how you slice and dice them, are bad for you.” That is actually false. All fat is “bad”. Unsaturated fats (LDL cholesterol and Omega 3) found in salmon, avocado, olive oil, ect are all good for you and lower your chances of getting a lot of diseases. Your body also needs some fat to function.

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