Fitness boot camps have become exceedingly popular in the past year thanks to the variety and effectiveness they offer participants. Ask anyone who has joined a fitness boot camp recently and they will sing its praises. If you’re looking to get fit and are on the fence about whether to choose a boot camp program or stick with a tradition personal trainer, let us give you three reasons why it’s time to throw tradition out the window.

Let’s be real, this economy sucks! Despite the fact that fewer people are working, stocks are shaky, etc, the cost of living has actually increased in most areas. People barely have enough money for food, let alone a personal trainer who is charging almost $1000 for an 8-10 session package. With boot camps you’re getting the personal attention you need, in a group setting. Classes are small and since you’re not alone, you don’t have to pay ridiculous fees and you’re able to sign up for more sessions than you would probably get hiring a trainer.

Group Setting
I’ve had a personal trainer in the past, and even though he was cool and definitely kept me motivated, I always felt like a bit of a slacker and like he couldn’t relate to my struggle. Boot camps offer a small group setting, often times with people who are on the road to healthy just like yourself. Friendships are formed as you struggle through the workouts and if you’re lucky, making a friend at boot camp may also mean you’ve now got a new workout partner who will motivate you and hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Most importantly, you won’t feel like you’re alone.

Change Of Scenery
Unless you hire a trainer not affiliated with a chain gym (which usually costs more because now they are charging for travel, etc as well as time), you’re more than likely going to be stuck inside for your entire workout. While fitness boot camps do have physical locations, because some are not tied to a gym, they are able to switch things up and take you outdoors for a workout. Instead of doing the same old routine, using the same old machines, you are able to push your body in different ways by running hills instead of an incline on the treadmill and you get to use benches for dips instead of waiting on line for a machine. Not to mention it’s a refreshing way to stay fit while getting fresh air, much better than a stuffy smelly gym.

What do you think of boot camps? Do you prefer them over personal trainers?

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  1. autumnbreeze97

    I’ve recently joined a bootcamp through “meet up”. I have to say I absolutely, positively love it! He kicks my butt! It’s only $5 a session and we meet on Saturdays. I’m glad that I signed up for it.

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