21-Day Primal Challenge

Grain issues aside, I have learned a ton of valuable things from Mark Sisson. In addition to the three big ones above, I’ve gotten a ton of recipes off his site (including how to cook offal), got workout ideas and even competed in a brain challenge but my favorite thing about his writing is how well-researched it is. Not many people take the time to delve into the science themselves and examine the data and the conclusions and I have learned in depth about everything from what blood pressure readings really are to understanding the glucose pathway. And I will add that he has been nothing but kind and patient with me in our e-mail exchanges.

So I was super excited to see he just launched his newest book The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure it is up to his usual high standard and I can’t wait to check it out. This week only (10/18-10/24) Mark is offering a whole bunch of freebies to people who buy his book. If you are already Primal/Paleo or just curious, definitely check out his new book! And be sure to read his site – it’s a goldmine of information even if, like me, you’re not primal.

Do you have a nutrition or fitness question that you just can’t resolve no matter how much you read up about it? Have any of you tried primal or paleo style eating?

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  1. Try sprouted grains breads. “Eziekial Breads” Fred Myers carries them and local health food stores. Best of both worlds. Once sprouted the grain becomes a whole protein and acts more like a veggie in the body no insulin spike inflammation etc. I use to have to eat low carb now i have added sprouted grains breads back into my diet and I love them. I love the Primal blueprint but I think he misses the boat on sprouted grains and grains like spelt and quinoa. Spelt is the wheat our ancestors ate and it has none of the effects of modern hybrid wheat. I think Isabel De Los Rios has it right with her “Diet Solution Program” http://reviewdietsolutionprogramx.com check it out.

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