4. Juicing
This doesn’t mean swapping your lunchtime Coke with an orange juice. Juicing is said to boost the immune system, remove toxins from the body, aid digestion, increase energy and help with weight loss. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables.  Knock it all out at once by blending them into a refreshing drink! The resulting liquid from juicing your fruits and veggies contains most of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals found in the whole fruit.

If you’re hesitant to try an all-out juice cleanse, check sites like www.myjuicingrecipes.net/ for  recipes Remember those infomercials with Jack LaLanne and his Power Juicer? He lived to be 96! (I did fact check this)

5. Embrace Your Inner Geek.
Yes, you’ll likely be on the go while summer is here, but after the cookouts and beach trips, why not learn a new skill that could boost your career? There’s a breadth of free training guides on the Internet that won’t cost you anything but time. Teach yourself computer programming at www.CodeAcademy.com, or download Anki, a site that lets you create digital flashcards to help remember new things. And don’t forget the power of YouTube, where you can learn the guitar chords of summer’s hottest songs or teach yourself a new language!

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  1. So your just gonna lump all Blacks together and say were so dumb and need to be told to try new things? AAARRGH! And then give us a whacked list of items that have no rhyme or reason?

    WTF??? Who the hell came up with this crap? This article never should have seen the light of day. You just lost all cred in my book and will be a place I no longer visit for news or information.

    Maybe the Black people you know don’t do any of these things, but I can guarantee you there are plenty of us who do. Myself included. A scavenger hunt? What ? Did you have a very deprived childhood or something?The “sky diving” made me laugh. I guess Black paratroopers don’t count.

    But “Go Out With Strangers?” Everybody new you meet is a stranger. So what your telling me is if I’m in bookstore (Tell me, do we even go to bookstores in your universe?) and strike up a conversation with someone, who asks me out for coffee to continue the discussion….I would normally not do this because I’m Black? “Juicing?”Dancers, pro & non-pro athletes, health advocates, body builders and plain ordinary people who are Black have been doing this stuff for ages.

    When I see crap like this I just want to slap somebody!

    It paints Black people as “socially illiterate” and incapable of thinking outside of the box. I live in Colorado and here we ski, snowboard, hike, camp and climb, do white water rafting and more.

    I can’t believe I had to read an article so pathetic as this on this site. Sad.

    • @Cheryl Stoy: Oh Cheryl- thank you! *cheering* No group of people are monolithic… It’s annoying when articles put us in a box. I’d rather see a site not post that post something that isn’t quality.

  2. This was horrible and annoying.

    • Agreed ladies. Stereotypes are just ignorances verbalized. I know that I do 3 of the 5 listed here regularly. We are so varied in our interests. Someone pulled this out of their arse.

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