Another day, another inane celebrity quote – in a world Charlie Sheen isn’t even considered shocking anymore, why bother with the cobwebs that decorate pretty, vacant minds? Well for one thing, they’re not vacant. I think for the most part celebrities are not stupid. Sure they do dumb things sometimes (don’t we all?) but save for a few who have fried themselves into lunacy the majority know exactly what they’re doing. Second, the argument has been made that what celebrities model, the rest of us follow and to some extent this is true – they’re not called “trendsetters” for their ability to raise hunting dogs – but I would also argue that celebs, especially the young vocal ones who haven’t yet learned that everything they say can and will be used against them in the court of public opinion, are only repeating what they’ve been told so often … by us. A vicious cycle of laxative-purged emotions.

Last year, I came across a large number of weight quotes attributed to various starlets that I feel need debunking – both for their sake and for ours.

1. Jennifer Hudson in People: “I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!”

Dear Jennifer, stop the train. What are you thinking?! Will you still have your Oscar to show your great-grandkids and tell them about all the awesome dressing room pranks you played on Beyonce? Yes. Will you still have your hot, young bod to show them and tell those kiddies all about… your daily points allowance from Weight Watchers? Gosh I hope not. You were beautiful and talented before you lost weight and you’re beautiful and talented now but the talented part is way more important than your ability to conform to an ideal where, as you put it yourself, “in Hollywood everyone looks the same.”

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