Congratulations!  You’ve decided to take charge of your health and begin a running regimen.  You’ve got the fashionable gear, latest in high tech running shoes, and even a pal or two to join you.  Now what?  If you’ve never run before, outside of running for the ice cream truck, it can be intimidating trying to figure out how to get started.  Have no fear!  With these four running tips you’ll be able to slowly build your stamina and speed, and have your body up and running in no time!

Set A Non-Stop Running Goal
If you’ve never tried running in your life, set a small goal where you briskly walk or jog slowly for a minute or two non-stop.  If you’ve already been running for a few, set a longer goal of maybe 10-15 minutes.  Make sure you don’t over do it.  We all want to do our best and push ourselves, but not to the point of passing out.

Run … And Often!
Running regularly is the best and only way to gain a comfortable jogging stride. Pick a reasonable distance goal that won’t cause injury or burnout and stick with it for a month or so.  Once you feel comfortable in your stride, increase the goal and before you know it you just might be marathon ready.


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